Jackman Pond Elder Co-housing Collective

The Jackman Pond Co-Housing Collective offers elders the ability to live out their lives in a non-institutional environment, where interaction with our school community is integral to daily life.

Intergenerational communities offer healthy models for living, where work and knowledge, leisure and support, are shared. Intentional co-housing is a growing trend in an increasingly lonely country.


Who chooses Intentional Co-housing Living?

  • retirees who want to maintain an independent lifestyle surrounded by the energy and companionship of a community with shared values and vision
  • individuals, friends, or couples with life experiences which they’re eager to share with a younger generation, through teaching or taking classes together, collaborating on projects, or working on communal tasks
  • people who seek multigenerational fellowship
  • elders who want to age in their own affordable living space without isolation
  • those who are attracted to the process of tackling community, regional, or world problems with a cohort of energized people of all ages

Jackman Pond Co-housing Collective Offers

  • meals shared daily or weekly with students, staff, and members of our broader community
  • communal space in the schoolhouse which includes a living room with wood stove; extensive library of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction; access to our wood shop; studio space; a piano; and our theater room for larger gatherings
  • opportunities to take or teach classes with students of all ages
  • a sense of purpose around reducing one’s carbon footprint and living more conscientiously, especially in connection to place
  • immediate access to the Bearcamp River, Jackman Pond, and a varied network of trails or waterways for walking, snowshoeing, skiing, horseback riding, kayaking or fishing
  • potential for vegetable and perennial garden projects
  • a forum for shared decision making around collective needs and desires
  • sustainably-built and beautiful homes, duplexes, or shared housing units offered for long-term lease, ideally on a sliding scale based on ability to pay, and collectively maintained.