Daily Schedule

Each day establishes a flow of mental heavy lifting and intense collaboration punctuated by creative interludes, active outside adventures, peaceful free time, and intense independent work. It is our expectation that students slow down and dig deep each and every day of their short stay with us, experiencing the satisfaction of tackling hard problems and finding solutions which bring hope to our world.

Our schedule ebbs and flows over the course of a 12+ hour day. We use breaks–for snacks or meals, physical activity, quiet reflection, or social interaction–to recharge our batteries, allowing us to really steep ourselves in the intellectual problem solving which brings us together.

Immersion in course work in core subject areas, English, math, and foreign language, begins each weekday. There are frequent opportunities to engage in artistic creation, technological or media-based demonstration of learning, using one’s body for work or play, standardized test prep, or college application efforts.

Our keystone is the daily integrated block, during which each student will identify ways to check the ravages of climate change, locally or on a wider scale, taking into consideration the myriad ways BIPOC and the poor are disproportionately impacted. Skills and background knowledge from many areas of study come together, engineering solutions to complex problems. Physics, biology, chemistry, building technologies, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, public speaking, writing for diverse audiences, and scale drawing are a few of the disciplines which meld into a coherent whole during a TCS semester.