Climate and Social Justice Semester School Coming in 2023!

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Founded in 1989, The Community School (TCS) served for 32 years as a day school, fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). After graduating hundreds of students, we’re pivoting to tackle global challenges on a local level. By 2023, we will have transitioned to a semester school program for students in grades 11 and 12, or for those exploring a gap year. Students from near and far will join us for four months, living on our campus to immerse themselves in solving community-based problems impacting climate change and the social justice elements which impede our cultural shift toward boldly addressing these issues, all while maintaining academic progress which allows for a seamless integration back to their sending school. Our curriculum is hands on, integrated, and critical skills based. It is intellectually rigorous while simultaneously cultivating hope. It requires that students collaborate with peers and members of our regional towns to develop models which are replicable in their native setting. Students will share meals, leisure and class time, and common space with those living in our intentional co-housing community for elders and those who join us for congregate meals, which will be served by donation. Continuing our commitment to socio-economic equity, we will be offering financial aid in order to ensure that historic factors impacting educational opportunity do not impede participation at TCS. We will actively engage with local public high schools to encourage participation from our hometown students, maintaining a public/private balance.

Semester School Take-aways

Skolstrejk för Klimatet: Portsmouth, NH
  • dive deep into climate change: science, policy, social impact, personal responsibility
  • define resilience
  • identify and comprehend factors contributing to climate denial
  • explore social justice issues (education, income, geography, affiliations) impeding problem solving progress
  • self identify as problem solver and explore personal, familial, and community influences on that identity
  • become fluent in understanding of U.S. political systems: structure, history, shifts overtime, threats, scaffolding
  • connect to feeding the hungry as activism
  • devise an action to share information, shift a paradigm, change a practice directly addressing climate impact factors
  • teach community members or peers
  • plan for action in your native school/home/community

We believe…

Building A Tiny House
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • learning is a joyful and rigorous pursuit.
  • by interacting with people and places, we develop a sense of responsibility and caring.
  • we should be proud to use our bodies to do hard work. There is great satisfaction in sharing in labor for the sake of a common need.
  • cooperation and collaboration are essential to a sustainable society.
  • true learning calls on our mind, heart, and body.
  • we are all capable of creating something beautiful, responsive, and real.

Our learning environment offers…

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  • an experiential program which incorporates college preparatory core literacies with development and honing of critical skills and dispositions
  • a tight focus on climate resilience and social justice, integrating subject areas into comprehensive projects
  • each student the opportunity to create an independent project to address climate change and social justice in their home town/neighborhood/city
  • individualized support in the college application process (fall semester only)
  • a proven track record of 100% college acceptance to first-choice schools

Special Education

The Community School is not a therapeutic setting and does not offer formal Special Education or counseling services. While this is the case, we find that motivated students who suffer from anxiety, have minor learning disabilities, mild to moderate ADHD or Asperger’s can do very well in our nurturing environment, even without specialized services.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Community School admits students and hires employees without intentional bias against race, ethnicity or cultural background, religion, nation of origin, gender identity, disability, or age. It does not discriminate in administration of its educational or hiring policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, or other school-administered offerings.


Coming Soon!

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