Travel is the bane of prejudice.

Mark Twain

Integral to understanding the issues facing the people and places of the world is travel, leaving the known security of our small place and venturing into the lives and spaces of others. We have long-time relationships with schools in Costa Rica and the Czech Republic, and have studied and worked in France, Germany, Denmark, and Canada, as well as various locations around the USA.

Our integrated program requires that students engage with the wider world to understand the problems we’re tackling. Traveling allows us to engage first-hand with people on the edge of these issues, whether it be a day trip to MIT to visit a lab or a ten-day cross country excursion to see how southern cities are working to prepare for rising seas.  These trips are often international, lasting up to several weeks, and including a service component. In addition to this expedition, courses offer day trips, over nights, or week-long trips to the mountains, the coast, or major metropolitan areas.  Service work or social actions help our students to be purposeful travelers and not mere tourists. 2 credits in travel are required for graduation.